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24p backstage wrestling epic! Follow the behind-the-scenes goings on at a wrestling promotion in the build up to the biggest show of the year. Dramas, neuroses and existential crises play out among a cast of literally tens of wrestlers, and at least one has a fish for a head! Dumb, dumb comix and not much actual wrestling! But enough!

Available to buy now at select stores or online in glorious red riso print here and in slightly inferior PDF format here.


"Glorious Wrestling Alliance is entertaining as all get out. Quick and to the point, it’s fun and funny, bonkers and clever, well worth your time and attention." - Comics Bulletin

"My exposure to Hicks’s comics to date has been limited but it’s already abundantly clear he’s an artist with a wickedly fertile imagination. Glorious Wrestling Alliance is a fantastic introduction to his longer-form work. It would be criminal if we don’t see more of this vividly realised company of players in future."- Broken Frontier

"Hicks clearly has a knack for world building, with a sense of humour to match. The majority of the stories that we see play off the incredulity of the situation to create moments that are genuinely amusing. The melodrama and the pressure that surrounds performing on stage creates a great dichotomy with the strangeness of a world where a man can exist with a gravy boat as a body." - Panel Patter

"If GWA were a wrestler it would be a fun loving cruiserweight or upper mid-carder. What it lacks in heavyweight stature it more than makes up for with high-impact humour and tons of originality. All of which makes it into a champion comic!" - Pipedream Comics